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USPS Rate Increase – January 21, 2018

As previously announced as part of the USPS annual rate assessment, the USPS will be increasing shipping cost by as much as 6.1% effective January 21, 2018. Although the rate increase doesn’t seem extreme, the negotiated commercial rates that most vendors were able to secure are not that favorable.  Especially if you you use the […]

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ebay omni-channel

Is omni-channel returns on the horizon for eBay?

Today Walmart announcement of Mobile Express. The ability to return items purchased from their app to anyone of their 4700 stores. Also, Walmart is working on the ability to process returns from third-party vendors on their platform. This will bring it closer with the eventuality to process returns from other online stores. Already, Kohl’s, […]

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Low Sales on the Horizon?

One sure sign of slow sale metrics from the mother ship is the frequent offerings of free listings.  Third offering received in little more than 2 months.  Problem with this for the seller is increased competition and lower sales volume.   Buyers are not infinite.  You can’t create them out of thin air by flooding the […]

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eBay Active Content

I thought I was all compliant with removing active content from my eBay listings for the upcoming deadline this June.  I was pleasantly surprised in receiving an email yesterday from eBay notifying me of 20 listings still containing active content.   Nice to see eBay being proactive and specific with its sellers. Seems the plugin between […]

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eBay’s 2017 Spring Seller Updates

Today eBay published their 2017 Spring Seller Update.  In this age of competitive alternative channels and the race of lower fees for selling online, I was a bit, but not totally, surprised to see seller fees increasing.  This may be the beginning of the slow progressiveness of increased fees I suspect we will continue as […]

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