USPS Rate Increase – January 21, 2018

As previously announced as part of the USPS annual rate assessment, the USPS will be increasing shipping cost by as much as 6.1% effective January 21, 2018. Although the rate increase doesn’t seem extreme, the negotiated commercial rates that most vendors were able to secure are not that favorable.  Especially if you you use the […]

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2017-10-28-first set ready to ship

Swap.com / 3 Packages Ready to Ship

After further inspection of the haul, of the 90 items, we found 5 pieces with flaws to the point we felt they would certainly be rejected by Swap.com. 2 pieces where without question, so we tossed them.  The remaining 3, we may attempt to sell them directly at a deep discount. We also held back […]

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20171027-thrift store hall-02

Swap.com / Game Day

I chose Friday as the day to go sourcing for my SWAP.com trial. Fridays are typically deep discount days for clothing for many of the thrift stores in the area. Regular prices tend to be high so there is always an abundance of quality items to be found on this day… unfortunately it’s no secret […]

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Swap.com / Pre-Game

Rather than picking clothing pieces from existing inventory, we decided to start with a clean slate.  Going to budget $100 toward sourcing new items exclusively for this project. The shopping list is to buy a mix from multiple categories and also to keep it seasonal. It’s Fall season here in Michigan, heading into winter. So […]

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swap.com - lets try this

Swap.com / Let’s Try This

As a clothing reseller, there is no shortage of new or improved channels to sell clothing on. Swap.com is one that has transformed itself remarkably well. Recently I took up a personal challenge to put Swap.com to the test to see if it’s a viable option to add to our channel network of places to […]

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ebay omni-channel

Is omni-channel returns on the horizon for eBay?

Today Walmart announcement of Mobile Express. The ability to return items purchased from their app to anyone of their 4700 stores. Also, Walmart is working on the ability to process returns from third-party vendors on their Walmart.com platform. This will bring it closer with the eventuality to process returns from other online stores. Already, Kohl’s, […]

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New find. Lucky Legend Jeans. Embroidered patchwork Sell Online Advisor www.sellonlineadvisor.com

New Finds in New territory

I was in new a territory yesterday sourcing for clothing at a couple Salvation Army store that I never shopped before.  And although the layout was similar, the pricing was extremely reasonable for someone that buys in quantity.  Not sure if it was an anomaly or what, but I found a butt load of Luckys […]

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